Marla Krider

Marla Krider

Marla Krider • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


“We have such a pretty little downtown,” says Marla Krider of Middlebury. Marla does her part to share it with anyone who will listen. She guides Middlebury Town Tours and tours of the Krider Gardens. She will happily promote the community she loves.

Marla also has a distinct perspective about what she sees around town. It is often behind the lens of her camera. She will not claim to be a really good photographer, although she is. She has used this talent to start, what these days is called her ‘side hustle.’

Marla’s business is called “My Own Backyard.” She tells us the name was inspired from the classic film “Wizard of Oz.” Marla uses pictures she takes of Middlebury sites and scenes and makes greeting cards. It is her way of making things people in Middlebury might see everyday something special. “It gives you a different perspective of what we have right in front of us,” she says.

Marla met her husband Greg while they were attending the University of Indianapolis. After some time in Indy, Middlebury beckoned. It was where Greg was raised.

While in Indy, Marla started to follow the Colts. She is a big pro football fan. Her three all-time Colt favs? Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne and some guy named Peyton Manning. Marla knows her stuff.