Marty Conley

Marty Conley

Marty Conley • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Sunday’s Vibrant Person is Marty Conley


Marty Conley and her husband of 55 years have a deal. Marty spends time volunteering at the Lerner Theatre and Bob gets to stay home and watch the TV shows Marty does not care for. Who wins? We are prejudiced, but we think those who visit the Lerner come out on top. Seeing Marty there makes everyone’s day better.

Michelle Frank, the Manager of the Lerner says, “Marty is the face of our Volunteers. She was the Volunteer of the Year in 2017. Marty volunteers at nearly every show that The Lerner puts on the stage and donates hundreds of hours in-between.”

We asked Marty how she got involved with the Lerner. Her response came back fast. “I was asked and I said ‘Yes,’” she tells us. “I went. I loved it and I continue to love it.” Marty says the Lerner has become like a second home for her. Those who work there, both the volunteers and staff, have become like family.

Marty’s energy is infectious. She doesn’t walk around the Lerner’s lobby; she buzzes through it. She finds it exciting to greet those attending an event. “I like to see everybody happy when coming to the Lerner,” Marty says. “They are there for something special.” When she welcomes you to the Lerner, you feel glad to be there.

Marty talks about how many wonderful people she has had the chance to meet. “It makes me feel good,” she says.

Volunteering at the Lerner is just one of the things that keeps Marty active. She is a terrific baker. Pies is her favorite thing to make and she likes to “decorate them a little fancy.”

Marty says, “I like to do things, make things. I don’t want to just sit and rot.” We don’t think that’s going to happen, Marty. You’re too Vibrant!