Marty Weirick

Marty Weirick

Marty Weirick • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

A very Vibrant Teen is Marty Weirick!!!


You might think we are recognizing Marty Weirick because her mother is an Elkhart County Commissioner and Vibrant Communities Co-Chair. You could think that, but you would be wrong. We are telling you about Marty because she is a really cool young lady.

Marty is a sophomore-to-be at Marian High School. There, she plays volleyball, is part of the track team and serves on Student Council. She even played the part of a British witness in a mock trial. “Ayupp, mate.”

These days, Marty is a girl on the go. She gets up at about 5 am to get to volleyball camp. The season starts soon and she is excited about that. Marty is also taking driver’s ed classes (“Yay! Just one more left!”) and computer lessons (“ugh!”).

Marty is a loyal friend and really good company. Just hanging with her pals can be lots of fun. She always tries to live by the golden rule. She is even nice to TJ (sometimes), her younger brother.

Being yourself in the company of grownups is a sign of a teen who is comfortable in her own skin. Whether she is polling strangers on the street during ArtWalk or acting as a doorkeeper at a political fund-raiser, Marty engages others with a smile and easy conversation.

Like all kids her age, Marty can make her parents a little crazy from time to time. That’s normal for an all-American teen. When you ask them about Marty, however, they talk about her with parental pride. “She is just awesome!” her mom has been heard saying. Dad says, “She’s a good kid.”

Like a lot of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People, Marty is not one to tell you how terrific she is. So, we’ll do that for her. Marty Weirick is terrific.