Matt Hazelbaker

Matt Hazelbaker

Matt Hazelbaker • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Matt Hazelbaker!


Matt Hazelbaker has been around Elkhart County for about 20 years or so. He came here after going to college at Miami of Ohio. He followed his college roommate here because he knew of a job for Matt. After almost 14 years with the company, Matt left Lippert Components as one of the company’s Vice Presidents of Operations. He is now an executive with Genesis Products.

Matt and his wife Kari have two kids. They live on a lake and hanging out at home is a big part of their lives.

Talking with Matt you learn quickly that he is inspired to help others, he does things with energy and enthusiasm and is especially sensitive to youngsters who need some extra help.

Matt has been on the Board of Directors at Bashor Home for seven years. He has compassion for them and believes that through their time at Bashor, they can live better lives. He tells us that Bashor is currently raising the funds needed “to develop a shelter for youngsters who have got caught up in the human trafficking mess.” It is a tragic situation and anything that can make even a small, positive impact is worth it.

Matt cares deeply about children and families. He also believes in the responsibilities of corporations to do good works. Genesis Products’ “G-Week” gives executives and managers from all over the company an opportunity to tackle a project while they are in town for meetings. It is a worthy idea. You should ask Matt about this year’s project.