Matthew Manley

Matthew Manley

Matthew Manley • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


“And the Tony for best performance in a musical goes to…” (Insert dramatic pause here) …“Matthew Manley!!!!!” Okay, we’re not quite there yet, but those who know Matthew would not be terribly surprised if one day that should happen.

Matthew Manley is a multi-talented performer. He can dance; he can sing; and he can act. He also directs and is a very capable choreographer. He does it all with a spirit and vitality that is palpable. “I do what I can,” he says with a grin and he does an awful lot.

Matthew’s friends laud his willingness to perform. Most recently, he was part of the cast of the Elkhart Civic Theatre’s production of “Little Shop of Horrors.” They respect Matthew’s willingness to put in the time and effort to develop his abilities. Jordyn Green calls Matthew “a triple threat.” Brock Weston says he is “amazing.” Heather Hilliard asks, “What can’t he do?”

Having support for the Elkhart County’s theatre companies is one thing Matthew would like to see even more of. He recognizes the efforts of the many volunteers who make the local theatre scene so strong. “These are our friends and neighbors,” he says. “We should back them and show our appreciation.”

As the Assistant Theatre Director at Elkhart Memorial High School, Matthew wants to bring out the best in local teens. He is devoted to the students and is zealous in his efforts to make them shine.

Matthew remains sensitive to the fact that sometimes kids will do something for which they need to be reprimanded. He also believes that constantly sending a kid off to another room to be punished is not the way to go. He would prefer to find out what makes the student tick and what’s behind their behavior. That way they may be able to deal with matters differently when things go bad.

In addition to all things theatre, Matthew loves to cook. You will find him in the kitchen on Monday evenings preparing for the weekly dinner gathering he hosts. His long-standing favorite recipe is for a pork tenderloin dish.

Matthew was raised in Elkhart but now lives in Goshen. He doesn’t have plans for moving anywhere else. Of course, that is only true until the bright lights of Broadway call for him.