Megan Gaylor

Megan Gaylor

Megan Gaylor • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Here’s a shout out for Vibrant Megan Gaylor!!!


To say that Megan Gaylor was tickled pink when we told her she was being recognized does a disservice to both tickling and the color pink. Let us just say she was vibrantly excited to be one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant people.

Enthusiasm is something Megan does not lack. Neither is energy. She uses both in abundance in her work at Mary Daly school. Her co-workers say Megan is “willing to do whatever it takes to make our school a GREAT place. They tell us about her positive attitude, her willingness to help others and her initiative. One co-worker says, “Megan is friendly, creative, and knows how and when to add her personal touch. She strives to build a positive school culture for students, staff, and visitors. Her enthusiasm is contagious and motivates others to get involved as well.”

Megan tells us she and her children always seem to be at the school for some reason or another. Daughters Bralynn (age 10) and Milani (age 7) are both students at Mary Daly and do all sorts of things at the school.

When not doing things related to Mary Daly, Megan follows Notre Dame football. The family are fans and avid supporters of the Fighting Irish.

Megan was born and raised in Millersburg. Elkhart is now home, for her, husband Jacob, the girls, and the family’s two ducks and a dog.