Meggan Fink

Meggan Fink

Meggan Fink • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

To kick off the week, our Vibrant Person today is Meggan Fink.


If you think about it, Meggan Fink’s job at Kem Krest is to make it a company that employs 500 hundred or so Vibrant People. She is the one who takes the lead in supporting the organization’s culture and community involvement.

Experts on the subject say that all you need to understand about an organization’s culture is when employees say when they tell you “how we do things around here.” What they are doing at Kem Krest they must be right because the company is doing very well. Their growth has been terrific, employees are hardworking and dedicated and prospects for the future look good.

Meggan is involved with several organizations and lots of activities. These include Junior Achievement, Lemonade Day and the Pillars of Elkhart. Friends say she is a phenomenal ambassador for Elkhart.

Meggan says she sees her role as “making Kem Krest a place where people like to work and are valued and happy.” That includes maintaining the relationship between the company and the community. She does it well. Meggan was recently recognized as one of the region’s “40 Under 40.”

Meggan is learning to juggle the demands of a high profile position, community engagement and being a mom. Her son, Nolan is a year old and growing fast.

Vibrant Communities need great places to work. To be a great place to work, you need great people. Elkhart has Kem Krest and Kem Krest has Meggan. That’s a winning combination.