Mike Keagle

Mike Keagle


If you take one look at Mike Keagle perched behind his drum kit you know one thing is for sure.  That, at least for that moment, everything’s just fine in Mike’s world.

Mike enjoys good music.  As long as it’s the good stuff –  folk, jazz, oldies, classic rock – it doesn’t matter. Mike likes it.  And, if it’s good music played live, that’s even better.  And when Mike is making good music, that is the very best.

Chances are good you have seen Mike in action.  He is a regular performer around the area. He hosts an open mic night twice each month. He is a constant player on Main Street or in one of the shops during Elkhart’s ArtWalks.  Mike drums with Circadian Soul, Rex and Mike Acoustic and Don and Mike Acoustic.  He will gladly get together when asked to play for special occasions.

Mike is an active member of the Midwest Musicians Co-Op where he specializes in acoustic guitars and is the local Gibson historian.

Mike’s company Copper Hill is an industrial maintenance company and full line janitorial service.  They provide all types of building maintenance and renovation to commercial and industrial customers in Elkhart and St. Joe counties.  It’s a family affair.  Son Brendon is GM and wife Kathy is CFO. Another son, Max is a sales manager at Coachman.

Mike has also been known to strike a golf ball on occasion.  He must admit though, he cannot hit a driver with the precision with which he hits his snare drum.  He will let the serious golfing be played by youngest son, Riley.   After completing his university golf career, Riley trying to turn pro.  He is playing in PGA and other qualifiers and will be attending qualifying school in the Philippines this month.

Mike and Kathy live in Elkhart. You can see them wherever better music is played.