Missy Mast

Missy Mast

Missy Mast • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

One of our Vibrant People this week is none other than Missy Mast!!!!


Missy Mast loves working at Gaining Grounds Coffee House in Goshen. She loves the people who work there. She loves the customers. She loves having her name on her apron. She loves being recognized on the street. She even loves being missed when she has a day off. Missy loves, loves, loves being part of the community.

If you get the idea that Missy is full of love, you are right. She has a kind word for everybody. She shares willingly. She is accommodating. Her smile makes you happy and glad to be in her company.

Missy has created a following at Gaining Grounds. She greets you warmly and makes sure you are taken care of.

Missy was nominated by Suzanne Bodenhorn. Susan tells us: “Missy is truly special. She always looks on the bright side and really cares about others. She is one of a kind.”

For the past several years, Missy has participated in ADEC’s Ride-a-Bike. She raises money on behalf of a good friend.

You should stop in at Gaining Grounds. Ask for Missy. You’ll probably end up being friends.