Monica Yoder

Monica Yoder

Monica Yoder • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Our Vibrant Person for Friday is Monica Yoder!

Monica Yoder believes that people are interested in experiencing Elkhart County. She thinks they will like it even more if they get to stay in a nice house conveniently located in downtown Middlebury.

That is why Monica and husband, Greg, bought a second place a few blocks from their home. They made some improvements and will be offering it as a vacation rental. Monica and Greg have stayed in rentals all over the country and have had some wonderful experiences. They think visitors will appreciate a “homier” base for when the explore the region. That thinking seems to be sound. Bookings are off to a good start.

Monica has been in Middlebury for 25 years. She worked at the downtown hardware store, Varns and Hoover for much of that time. Her interest in doing things outdoors has kept her active with the town’s quilt garden, the park department and Middlebury’s Riverfest.

Monica finds volunteering very rewarding. She has a can-do attitude and is often in the middle of whatever the town is undertaking.

Friends say Monica has a knack for getting along well with others. Her friendly demeanor and easy smile are comforting. Her willingness to listen and support good ideas lets people know Monica is more concerned with doing good than doing things her way.

Like many of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People, Monica says she is not good at talking about herself. So, we will say this once more: Vibrant is as Vibrant does. For sure, Monica Yoder of Middlebury is a very Vibrant Person.