Monique Harris

Monique Harris

Monique Harris • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Monique Harris likes shoes. She also likes kids. When she sees kids who need shoes, she likes to do something about it. When Haiti was devastated by an earthquake in 2010, Trinity Methodist Church, where Monique goes, learned there was a need for shoes.

Monique stepped up and helped collect over 600 pair of shoes for children in Haiti.

Monique is involved with the Psalms 41 Project, Help for Haiti. They support a school and orphanage. They provide food and supplies and are digging a well for fresh water. Of course, they also provide shoes and socks.

Monique is the Head Janitor at Riverview Elementary. As she sees it, her job is not just to help keep the building clean. It is to help the students there learn and grow. Having someone who is not in the classroom every day, but understands how she can influence children and acts upon it, is an asset for Riverview’s teachers and administrators.

Monique has inspired the Riverview students to raise funds for collecting shoes and socks to send to Haiti. She inspires them to learn empathy and to appreciate what it means to help those who need it.

Monique sets the tone by serving others as a minister and a mentor. She is passionate about local outreach to the area’s youth. She will take kids on outings, help them buy books and encourages them avoid negative activities and behaviors.

Monique has already made nine trips to Haiti. She loves to travel and is keen to see the world. Hawaii is one place she would really like to visit. To help fulfill this desire to go places and do things, Monique works part-time at the South Bend Airport.

Monique is kind and caring. She carries herself with a dignity and confidence that comes from knowing she is making a difference. She has a glorious smile and when she is with kids, that smile is at its brightest.

NOTE: If you want to help Monique and the kids in Haiti, take a donation for them to Riverview Elementary or Trinity Methodist. You can also give socks and new or gently used shoes in kids’ sizes 5 and 6.