Myron Bontrager

Myron Bontrager

Myron Bontrager • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

We have another Vibrant Person: Myron Bontrager


Myron Bontrager has to be one of Goshen’s most well-known citizens. He is, after all, the owner of the Electric Brew. Like more than a few of the citizens of Elkhart County, Myron traveled before coming back to settle in Goshen. He spent over five years in Ecuador and then moved to Costa Rica for a time. It was smelling the coffee roasting while walking the streets of San Jose that first piqued his interest but it wasn’t until he was back in Elkhart County eleven years later that he started roasting at home. Since then, he has explored coffee roasting in hubs like San Francisco and Mill Valley, CA, attended coffee shows, and participated in pretty much every aspect of the process.

When Myron bought Electric Brew back in May of 2007, it was the community relationship aspect that was a big part of the reason he was interested. The previous owners had a vision for Electric Brew as an important gathering place and an influencing anchor for the downtown area. Myron says that while some of the classes on coffee roasting will mention the community aspect, “it has to be in your DNA to do it.” By that, he means that it has to be a core value of the approach to the business. For Myron, his wife, and their son, those values are relationships, honesty, and respect for other people. Myron says that there isn’t a formula to make it happen and that he wouldn’t know how to teach someone how to do it but it is those values that are built into the way the Electric Brew operates and is fundamental to its success. He thinks that that authenticity and honesty are what attract people. If the Electric Brew is any indication, that is certainly the recipe for their success!

Myron and his family live in downtown Goshen. They thought they’d just be passing through when they returned to the area many years ago but gradually came to see how things had grown and changed. There is a vitality to Goshen and a commitment to community and looking out for others that make it a unique place to live. Myron says that he loves being here, owning the Brew, and connecting with the people who make it possible. Elkhart County thanks him for it!