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Nanci Wirt

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Nanci Wirt has a keen eye, a distinct artistic sensibility and a good pair of ears. All serve her well as an interior designer, gallery owner and a retailer. It is quite likely that it is Nanci’s ability to listen and understand her clients’ needs that is her greatest asset. She spends the time needed to understand them and get to the heart of their desires. Nanci says, “My best advice to my clients, ‘Buy only what you love.’”

Nanci’s studio and gallery on Main Street in downtown Elkhart is an ideal place to see what has caught her eye. There, she offers original art and has space to sell unique gifts and accessories, what she describes as “things I love that I hope other people will love.”

It was Nanci’s husband Rob who got her to move to Elkhart. He grew up here. Nanci was raised in a small Bay Area town in Northern California called Benicia. She studied Interior Design at California State University Sacramento. Nanci told the Goshen News she intended to study business, but after a few classes, she came to a significant realization. “I was not with my peeps,” she said. Nanci was soon pursuing a Bachelor of Arts.

Nanci started N. Wirt Design in 2006. She located in downtown Elkhart in 2013 and moved down the street to her current location the following year. The space is nicely lit, warm and welcoming. Things are constantly changing, but often in subtle ways.

That makes regular visits part of the fun. The shop is a popular stopping point for those who are participating in Elkhart’s monthly ArtWalk. Step inside and visit. If nothing seems quite right for you, come back again. You might find something perfect the next time around.

Nanci’s OK with that too. In the article in the Goshen News, she describes it like this: “If I show you something and you don’t love it, that’s cool. We’ll find something else.” Chances are good though, you will like what she shows you. She has listened and learned and, by the time she puts anything in front of you, she believes she has found something that is in tune with your sense of style