Nancy Brock

Nancy Brock

Nancy Brock • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Friday’s Vibrant Person is Nancy Brock!


When Nancy Brock pulls weeds at Wellfield Botanic Gardens, it is as though this simple act brings together her past and present. Nancy’s father was a farmer and she recalls the hot summer days when he would take to the fields to keep them weed free. Nancy enjoys weeding. She claims it may be part of her “genetic download.”

It is also apparent to those who know Nancy that she likes volunteering at Wellfield. She has been doing it since 2012 and has given over 1,000 hours of her time and energy.

Nancy got involved with Wellfield after some encouraging (and cajoling) from a former neighbor. Wellfield depends on the efforts of Nancy and those like her.

Janis Logsdon, who nominated Nancy says it like this: “Regardless of the cold, rain, heat, or even snow, a garden never stops; it’s a dynamic, living organism full of vibrancy – just as those who work so hard to make it beautiful and healthy, to be enjoyed by tens of thousands of guests each season. Nancy epitomizes the glowing spirit, positive attitude, and willingness to work as a team that makes everyone around her smile.”

Janis describes a time when a group of visitors from out of town came to the garden at a time that it was closed. Nancy was there, though, and what did she do? Acted as an Ambassador and, without hesitation, explained to the group about the various areas, plants and flowers you to be found at Wellfield. The visitors left happy.

Nancy taught English and Communication at Elkhart Central High School. She remains an avid reader and a loyal book club member. She likes mysteries and keeping up with current events.

Nancy also spends an hour or so each day walking in area parks. Her rescue dog, Danny is a frequent companion. They welcome the serenity, being in nature and seeing the occasional critter.

Vibrant Communities need people like Nancy. Whether it is delivering meals, reading to youngsters or plucking weeds as Nancy does, giving time and talent make Elkhart County better.

Note: Nancy’s picture was taken during fall bulb planting. She is on the right.