Nancy Nicholas

Nancy Nicholas

Nancy Nicholas • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Nancy Nicholas


Nancy Nicholas may try and deny it (and that she did), but she is a very Vibrant Person. She goes out with friends. She loves to travel. She’s a substitute teacher. She always seems to have something going on.

Six years ago, Nancy’s husband passed away unexpectedly. She was in shock. Today, she confesses she is still trying to cope with her grief and “find a new norm.” Her efforts continue, but she is going at it with grace and humor.

Nancy is part of a “demented bunch of women” who dine out together and talk and laugh and enjoy each other’s company. “If you are with us and don’t have a good time,” she says, “it’s your own fault.

When it comes to travel, Nancy is all in. A recent road trip got her to visit states numbers 46 through 48. Two more states to go.

Nancy will soon be going on a cruise with one of her daughters. It is an offer she has made to each of her three grown girls. The only stipulation is that they go with their mom one at a time. That way she gets to spend quality time with each one.

Nancy might say she is not very vibrant, but when she explains all she does and all she enjoys, you know she has an awful lot going on.

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