Nicole Barrow

Nicole Barrow

Nicole Barrow • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Nicole Barrow is our Vibrant Person today!


Residential real estate is rare Elkhart County. Those in the know cite reports about the number of houses and apartments needed (a lot). Those who are shopping are often flummoxed by the number of properties for sale (not enough). Imagine what a prospective buyer might think when the realtor says, “I’ll do anything to get you in the house of your dreams.” You might just wonder if the person you hired to help with one of your biggest transactions might be a little naïve, a wee bit crazy or maybe both.

Then, imagine what you would think if your realtor did help you find your dream house and was there every step of the way including cleaning, yard work, and painting. That’s what Nicole Barrow did for one of her clients recently. They were surprised and delighted. They love the new house and were amazed at how Nicole was able to “keep the whole process pretty smooth and calm.”

Nicole has only been in the real estate business for a just year or so. She wanted a career that would let her help others and keep a flexible schedule. Having a school-age youngster made the latter quite important.

Nicole took the courses and passed the exam. She is now slugging it out for sales and making buyers and sellers happy with what she does for them. Friends say her smile and positive attitude are infectious. Those are two powerful traits in the real estate business.

We caught Nicole at lunchtime. When she was told she had been nominated as one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People, her response was enthusiastic. When we mentioned that her name was put forth by a very satisfied client she was even more excited to know how much her effort was appreciated.