Nicole Deckert

Nicole Deckert

Nicole Deckert • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Nicole Deckert is today’s Vibrant Person!

“William Shakespeare wrote: “The play’s the thing.” If that’s the case, it is no wonder Nicole Deckert has so many things going on. Along with Ellen Augustine, Nicole directs the Northridge Theater Troupe. She works with the Northridge High School and middle school drama clubs. Nicole is also part of the summer theater camp for elementary school students. That is an awful lot of theater.

Nicole says her father once told her about finding something you love to do. He said that way you will never have to work a day in your life. So, for Nicole, the play really is the thing.

But here’s another thing: Nicole loves every second of it. Sure, fatigue might set in occasionally, but Nicole is so committed and so enthusiastic, there is no time to feel tired. Ronda DeCaire had two daughters who have had the chance to work with Nicole. Ronda says Nicole “gives herself endlessly.”

Nicole didn’t start her involvement with theater until her final year as a student at Northridge. While she was in college, her former teacher, Ellen Augustine, asked Nicole to choreograph the dance parts of a play. That was the start of it. Nicole was hooked.

Nicole said that she is proud of what they have been able to do with middle school and elementary school students. The experience before they get to high school is valuable. It’s not just fun and educational. “It helps them get confidence,” she says. “They are not intimated when they get there.”

In addition to directing and choreographing and everything else it takes to keep these dynamic programs going, Nicole is a playwright. The Drama Troupe wanted to do a piece about life after the terrorist attack on 9/11. They could not find anything suitable, so Nicole took pen in hand and wrote something they could perform.

Admittedly, all this work with the theater groups and being a mom and wife takes another kind of skill. “It’s all about time management,” Nicole says. Husband Brandon and daughters Riley (age 11) and McKenna (age 7) are very supportive. The girls do spend a fair amount of time going to mom’s rehearsals and such, but what better way to catch the theater bug? Seeing your mother leading and teaching and nurturing talent just may inspire them the way it does hundreds of kids throughout the Middlebury Community Schools.