Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams

Nicole Williams • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


“This is go time for us,” says Nicole Williams of Elkhart. As Office Services Lead for the firm RSM US in Northern Indiana, Nicole and her team provide the support needed to help the accountants and other financial service functions going. While some think, things get easy after Tax Day, Nicole has learned “tax season is really year round.” Recent changes in tax law make this year even more challenging.

Nicole tries to take things in stride. Her good humor makes for good company. She knows the really heavy time of year will pass and the 18 hour days will get shorter. She even hopes to have time to get back on stage.

Nicole has always sung. She is a gifted vocalist. What she had never done until last year was act. Nicole earned a major role in the Premier Arts production of “Amazing Grace.” In the role of Ayotunde, Nicole played a woman who was abducted from her home and forced to serve as a house slave. The role tested Nicole’s talents and she prevailed.

Singing is one of Nicole’s great joys. She sings mostly in church, but she will go “wherever my voice is needed.”

Nicole is also a multi-instrumentalist who can play seven different instruments. When asked to pick a favorite, she pauses to think. Just when you wonder if it is like you asked a parent to name a favorite child, she tells you that it is a tie. “I would have to say it is the bassoon and the flute,” she responds. Not too long ago, Nicole picked up the flute to join a band made up of alumni of Memorial High School.

Memorial is Nicole’s alma mater. It will be that of her daughter Zari as well. After graduating this spring, Zari will head off to the University of Indianapolis.

Nicole wants Elkhart to be the kind of place where Zari would someday want to return. She hopes it will be “a more accepting community where people work collaboratively and equally no matter what their socio-economic conditions might be.”

Nicole would like to see Elkhart County be more youth focused. “We are raising children to be our leaders,” she says.

Nicole told us this was “go time.” As she tells you about all she does and wants to do, you realize this lady is always on the go.