Pat & Owen Weaver

Pat & Owen Weaver


Long ago, Pat Weaver said she and her husband, Owen, dreamed of having children of their own.

Turns out, their dreams came true in ways they didn’t imagine at the time and ended up impacting countless lives.  After multiple attempts to bear biological children, the Weavers learned of the urgent need for foster parents and signed up. They had no idea how demanding — and how rewarding — that decision would be.

“Love isn’t enough,” Pat says, looking back on the 30-40 kids they fostered. “It takes time and education.”

The Weavers attended seminars to learn how best to help the kids they would take in for indeterminate lengths of time. The kids came from all kinds of situations. Some were victims of abuse and/or neglect, suffering trauma that no young child should have to bear.

Pat admits she was naive at first. She was puzzled when they started receiving checks in the mail from the state, not realizing they were compensated for caring for the kids.

Foster parents are taught that the children they take in are only temporary situations, that their job is to prepare the children for reunification with their families. Don’t get too attached, they were told.

Pat couldn’t help herself. She loved all the kids she and her husband took in, even the most difficult cases. She considers the foster children “hers.”

She is unable to pinpoint the how and why, but some 15 years ago she and her husband chose to adopt two of their foster children. A year later, they adopted a younger sister of the first two children.

Through the challenges, Pat reflects and smiles at the good times and the recognition their children received.

“I believe the reason I never had children is that this (being a foster parent and adoptive parent) is what I was supposed to do,” says Pat.