Patsy Boehler

Patsy Boehler

Patsy Boehler • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today, our Vibrant Person is Patsy Boehler!

It was a very good decision. Patsy Boehler’s realization that she really wanted to be in Elkhart and opted not to move out of town with Bayer made Elkhart a better place. We have benefited greatly since Patsy made the bold decision to stay here and start ETHOS Innovation Center right here in Elkhart County. It is one of our community’s greatest assets.

As a research scientist with Bayer, Patsy and a small team of colleagues were tasked with conceptualizing and creating a way to encourage young students to develop an interest in science and technology. This was way ahead of popular thinking about education at the time.

The team did a thorough job of researching what would work. They visited with leaders in industry and education. They vetted existing curriculum. When they made their final proposal, Bayer supported it and was prepared to fund its establishment. There was one condition. The new educational program would be in Pittsburgh where the company was relocating its headquarters from Elkhart.

Patsy decided she belonged here and Elkhart deserved to have a leading-edge STEM Education program. Under Patsy’s direction, ETHOS has become one of the most highly regarded centers of its kind in the United States. Their hands-on approach to teaching gets students interested, promotes inquiry and learning by discovery. It is world class stuff.

If you have not been to the ETHOS Center in Elkhart, make a point of visiting and taking part in one of their programs. You’ll be better for it.

Patsy is hard working, self-sacrificing and an inspirational leader. She is tireless in her efforts to continue to build ETHOS Innovation Center and realize its incredible potential. She is also easy to talk to and is a wealth of information and ideas.

In those rare moments, when she is not engaged in STEM education, Patsy and her husband, Dennis enjoy kayaking on the upper St. Joseph River. They often make the run from Mottville to Six Span Bridge. Patsy and Dennis have been challenged to get out on the water at least once a month for a whole year. They have not done it yet, but it hasn’t left their minds.