Patty Brotherson

Patty Brotherson

Patty Brotherson • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Here’s one of our “Vibrantest” People, Patty Brotherson!!!


Sometimes you meet someone and realize immediately that she is well worth knowing. Patty Brotherson is like that. Talk to Patty for a few minutes and you know she has a good head on her shoulders, her heart is in the right place and she truly cares about those around her.

Patty’s friends tell us, “When you are in her presence your heart just feels full” and “When you speak to her, you know she is listening.”

There is no doubt that Patty loves where she lives. She is an unabashed supporter of Elkhart County. She is especially active in projects and organizations that are oriented toward young people and families. She tells us she likes to work on things that are vital for young families. This includes education and the arts.

Patty’s two sons and their spouses have opted to make Elkhart home. She tells us they saw opportunities here and have taken advantage of them. She is glad to be so close to the grandchildren too. One of her friends says, “She BEAMS when she talks about the grandbabies.”

Patty says, “I feel really blessed for a million reasons.” She may blush when she hears this, but we feel blessed to know someone like Patty.