Phyllis Miller

By June 25, 2019

Phyllis Miller

Phyllis Miller

Today’s very Vibrant Person is Phyllis Miller!!!


There are many people in Elkhart County who have a strong passion for a social issue. They will devote many hours of thought and effort dealing with matters related to that issue. Few can match the energy and initiative of Phyllis Miller.

Phyllis Miller is passionate about food. She has been a driving force in the creation of the Elkhart County Food Council. The not-for-profit organization helps build connections that will make for a stronger local food system. Phyllis believes that it is possible to strengthen the Elkhart County through food. She is doing what she can to make that happen.

Phyllis has the knack for gathering talented people to get involved. She understands the benefits that come with combining talents. Diana Lawson of the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau, speaks highly of Phyllis’s ability to pull others in. Diana says, “If you want to be on a winning team, join in with Phyllis.”

Phyllis was born and raised in Middlebury. She got her nursing degree from Goshen College and spent over thirty years in the profession. She has retired from nursing, but she certainly is not slowing down.