Reba Goshert

Reba Goshert

Reba Goshert • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Reba Goshert says, “This place is home.” She is talking about Wakarusa.

Reba grew up in central Illinois and came to Elkhart County to study at Goshen College. Once she got here, she decided to stay. Her roots in the area are only getting deeper.

Reba and her husband, Jerry recently bought a small farm just outside of Wakarusa. The barn is almost complete and, in the not-too-distant future, they will have cows. “If I can be outside, I’m good,” she says. Gardening is a hobby. So too, is going for long walks with Lottie, the family’s chocolate Lab.

In addition to growing things like green beans and cucumbers, Reba and Jerry are raising three girls. Their daughters are Brooklyn, Carissa and Danae and they are Reba and Jerry’s delight.

Nurturing is a big part of Reba’s make up. She was a nurse for many years, including a lengthy stint in pediatrics at the hospital. As Reba tells it, she loved nursing, but “needed more of connection with families.”

Today, she is a Nurse Practitioner in Wakarusa. She likes the location for her practice. It lets her see people from several of the smaller communities and serve their needs. Patients say Reba is reliable, caring, trustworthy and extremely knowledgeable. She is also serving and passionate about the care she gives.

You don’t have to chat with Reba long to learn one thing about her. She has a superb laugh. It is joyful and it comes quick when she hears something that resonates with her. It is just one other thing that makes Reba Goshert such a Vibrant Person.