Ric Powers

Ric Powers

Ric Powers • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Wednesday’s Vibrant Green Thumb is Ric Powers!!!


So, this woman marches into Elkhart City Hall. She had a random meet up on the street with one of the city’s employees and she felt compelled to tell someone about it. You know this cannot be good…

But it is.

The woman came to Elkhart’s Parks and Recreation Department to talk about Ric Powers, the city’s horticulturist and manager of greenhouse operations. She said she walks regularly around Elkhart and always enjoys the beautiful flowers. She saw Ric watering and stopped to ask about the various types of flowers and plants. Ric courteously explained to her about some new varieties and arrangements that he was trying this year. She found Ric to be very polite, friendly and knowledgeable. She was so taken with him that she plans to invite him to speak to her gardening club. She also felt she needed to send a message to City Hall.

Ric is one of those guys who always seems to be smiling. He has been interested in plants since he was a teen and studied at Purdue. You know he loves what he is doing and his green thumb is impressive.

In addition to his work for the city, Ric owns and operates Elevate Produce. He grows and sells produce to local restaurants. On Saturdays, you can find Ric at the Elkhart Farmer’s Market. He is selling what he grows and we can attest his lettuce and strawberries are really good.

Ric must admit he has a good connection at the Farmer’s Market. His wife, Christine is a teacher. This summer she is also working for the city to help the fledgling market grow. Stop by on Saturday morning. Buy a few things and say hello to the Powers.