Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Get in the Groove with the Vibrant Robert Taylor!!!


Robert Taylor is the current president of the Elkhart chapter of the Indiana Black Expo. He has been active in the community for many years through a series of events that support low-income members of the community, community-building, and youth development. Any one of the events that Robert is responsible for would be more than enough to merit recognition.

One program is the Feed Our Friends Christmas Dinner which provides a hot meal around the holidays. Robert estimates that the event fed at least 500 people this past Christmas, which was its fifth year running. Additionally, the event collects coats to distribute to those same members. Robert estimates that they’ve collected and distributed over 4,000 coats over the years. Robert also runs the Southside Family Fest, a fun and family-positive event. The event is “designed to bring the entire city together to support the children in this community” and boasts 40+ vendors and 4000+ attendees. Not only does the event bring the community together but it also helps to send students on college tours in order to encourage the pursuit of higher education. Robert hopes to double their goal of taking 25 kids on college tours in 2019 to 50 in 2020.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Robert also runs the Ballers to Scholars Program. The program allows students to be able to play AAU basketball for free as long as they maintain a 2.5 GPA. So far, the program has had over 200 kids come through it. Robert is a true testament to the spirit of Elkhart, a place he has lived his whole life. He says that if they change one child’s life then they are winning. He lives by the motto “working together works”, which expresses his belief that a group of people working together makes the change for the betterment of all.

Robert works as a DJ in Elkhart County but has also had gigs all over the country. He is soft-spoken and very humble about his achievements but they are many and have done incredible work for the community.