Robin Reveal

Robin Reveal

Robin Reveal • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Sunday’s Vibrant Person is Robin Reveal!!!


Robin Reveal loves to dance, all kinds and just about any time there is music playing. As the owner of Robin’s School of Dance, she is sharing her passion by building a community of people who respect the art of dance and value the effort it takes to learn how. Robin believes in the importance of mutual respect and having a high regard for others.

Robin says, she wants to “build strong, healthy kids.” She wants to see kids get off the couch, on their feet and moving. She tells us, “My focus this year was to MAKE THEM move their bodies.”

Robin knows dance can help build self-esteem and self-worth. She will push them if needed. She will also give kids the vote of confidence they need to feel good about themselves.

Robin teaches dance at several local pre-schools. After school, over 250 kids, ranging in age from two through 18 come to her school for lessons and practice. She wants all children to have the opportunity to dance.