Ruth Brant

Ruth Brant

Ruth Brant • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s very Vibrant Person is Ruth Brant!!!


Ruth Brant is friendly, kind and one of Elkhart County’s many extremely active volunteers. This 81 year young woman also has a feisty side and she won’t back down when she needs to fight. Ruth is currently fighting her fifth cancer. All are unrelated and, we have to be honest here, the cancer should be very afraid.

Ruth is a testament to perseverance. She is energetic and has a wonderful outlook on life. All along the way, Ruth encourages everyone she meets.

Ruth is responsible for over fifty people who meet to serve the military through sewing cooling neckties (a.k.a. “HUGS”). They sew, iron, fill and pack 12,000+ HUGS each year and ship them in 600 or so packages to the men and women serving overseas. Ruth also volunteers in the infusion room at the Goshen Cancer Center, where now she herself is a patient. If that is not enough, she sews beautiful quilt blankets for new mothers at RETA in Elkhart.

Ruth is involved in many other activities, but we would wear you out reading them. We were almost exhausted trying to list them all. Suffice to say, Ruth has energy any Olympic athlete would be proud of.

We really appreciate the dedication and commitment to her community that Ruth shows every single day. We also admire her stamina and strength. Ruth Brant is a gem.

Note: To learn more about The HUGS Project of Elkhart.