Sandy Fotopoulos

Sandy Fotopoulos

Sandy Fotopoulos • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person on Mother’s Day is Sandy Fotopoulos!!!


Earlier this year we told you about Niko Fotopoulos. Niko run’s George’s Gyros, the restaurant started by his late father. Niko and his sister, Alex nominated their mother, Sandy. In honor of Mother’s Day, we want to recognize her as today’s Vibrant Person.

When talking with Niko and his sister Alex about their mother, it is hard to miss that this woman has had an unshakable influence on their lives. If we were to say Niko and Alex love their mother, we might be accused of understatement. You can add admire, respect, appreciate and more good things. That is how Niko and Alex talk when then speak of Sandy.

Sandy was at a restaurant in Chicago and she met her future husband. Love blossomed, they got married and eventually found themselves in Elkhart. George realized he had a knack for the restaurant business and soon the family was all in.

Running restaurants is a full-time business and then some. Despite the family’s obligations to their business, Sandy made sure that Niko and Alex had every opportunity to do what kids do. Whether it was activities at school, sports or anything that might capture their interest, she wanted them to experience it.

Sandy encouraged her children to try different things. When they found something they loved (Gymnastics for Alex; Soccer for Niko), Sandy made sure they were wherever they needed to be and whenever they should be there. That dedication has made a lasting impression on Sandy’s kids as they grew up.

Today, Sandy runs the Golden Egg, one of the family’s restaurants in Elkhart. You can find Alex there too. Niko holds the fort at George’s but runs over to the Golden Egg when needed. It is truly a family affair. They are all devoted to what they do, love each other dearly and will gladly share their enthusiasm for family, food, and friends.

Niko and Alex feel honored to share this day with their mother. They are all on the job this morning so other families can celebrate Mother’s Day. We hope the Fotopoulos family has the chance to kick back later and enjoy themselves after a busy day. They deserve it.

Sandy did not know her kids nominated her as a Vibrant Person. They wanted to surprise her. Should you hear the crash of dishes and cups hitting the floor at the Golden Egg sometime this morning, you can guess they just showed her this post.

SPECIAL NOTE: We want to send our very best wishes to all the Vibrant Mothers of Elkhart County. We appreciate all you do to make this such a special place. You inspire us, moms. Thank you and bless you.