Sara Granberg

Sara Granberg

Sara Granberg • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Here is another Vibrant Person for this week… Sara Granberg!!!


We caught Sara Granberg at the tail end of the day. Of course, in her profession, Dr. Granberg could be seeing tails all day long. She is a veterinarian at the Middlebury Animal Clinic. She has been there since 2015.

Sara and her husband, Justin have a farm and raise their own eggs, meat and produce. They have hogs, ducks, chickens, turkeys, and lambs. The Granberg’s have three children, Colt, Sage, and Tate. They are all active in 4H. They are also helping hands on the farm. The family also have horses and Sara likes to ride.

For several days each summer, cows play a prominent role in Sara’s life. The Miracle of Life Calving Center is one of the popular attractions at the Elkhart County Fair. Very pregnant cows are brought in to birth their calves and people get to witness the event. Sara is very much involved. She tells us the goal is one calf per day. She adds that the record is 14 deliveries in nine days.

Her friend, Mindy Engle says being the vet for the fair’s Young McDonald farm and the caving center is Sara’s favorite volunteer gig. Sara likes being involved in educating kids about animals and farm life.

When not involved with animals, Sara is a ballroom dancer. She is the “am part” of a pro-am team.

There is no doubt Sara is one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant People. We look forward to seeing her (and lots of you) at the Fair.