Scott Spradling

Scott Spradling

Scott Spradling • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Vibrant Person today is Scott Spradling!!!


Concord High School’s Music Director, Scott Spradling likes to be out front. Leading a band from the podium seems natural to Scott. It is where he is meant to be. Of course, Scott is also OK with being aside the band if they are in a parade.

Being part of Concord’s music program is where Scott Spradling is meant to be. According to the school’s Principal, Lisa Kendall, “Scott spends about 90% of his time leading the performing arts program.” She tells us, “This demands hour upon hour of time for him to support the leadership and music skill necessary to build a noble program.”

Scott has a multitude of talents. Being musically inclined is just one of them. He is a great teacher and has been described as “tireless, selfless and committed.” He is dedicated to bringing out the best in Concord’ students.

Concord’s band is popular in the area. It is part of the fiber of the school district. Scott acknowledges the support and believes it is an honor to represent the community.

We are honored to celebrate Scott, today’s Vibrant Person.

Photo Credit: Goshen News