Shannon Oakes

Shannon Oakes

Shannon Oakes • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

It’s Friday. It’s Jazz Fest time and Shannon Oakes is our Vibrant-est Person!!!


If there were such a thing as the “Vibrant-est Person in Elkhart County,” surely someone would nominate Shannon Oakes. There is no doubt, Shannon has an aura about her that makes those around her feel upbeat. She is positive, energetic and always on the lookout for ways to make things better.

Shannon has a spirit that cannot be broken. When things do not go well, she finds a way to tap into her inner strength and fight her way through. She is patient but persistent. She may be vulnerable at times, but her resilience cannot be denied.

Those who know Shannon (and many do) respect her ability to listen, be empathetic and appreciate different perspectives. They also know she is very true to her values. Family, faith, friends and community matter much to her. She says, “The most important thing I have learned in my years serving our community is the unique and impressive giving nature of Elkhart County and our region.”

Shannon played a key role in helping the Vibrant Communities movement come alive. She has been involved from the start. A job change last autumn compelled her to be on the sidelines for a while, but she is looking to see how she can have an impact as things move forward.

Shannon lives in Middlebury with her husband Tony and their two daughters.

If you see Shannon around Elkhart County, and chances are good that you will, be sure and say hello. Whatever you do, however, do not ask her about the truck, the motorcycle, the two lawnmowers or the weedwhacker!