Sherrie Zou

Sherrie Zou

Sherrie Zou • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our latest Vibrant Person is Sherrie Zou!!!


Sherrie Zou’s daughter, Sara was not officially speaking for her siblings when she nominated her “awesome mom.” We feel pretty sure, however, she could be. Sara is effusive in her praise for her mother. You can tell she greatly appreciates all Sherrie has done for her children.

Sara tells us, “Sherrie goes above and beyond for her community and has a heart for each person she meets. She selflessly gives to try to improve the lives of those around her. Whether she’s at Concord High School volunteering her time as a seamstress for the musical or working in the front office, she regularly empowers and encourages the youth in our county. During the summer months, you’ll see her delivering flowers and plants to the fairgrounds to ensure the Fair looks just as beautiful as the cherished memories it creates. During the fall, she is measuring uniforms and getting each Concord High School band member looking sharp and feeling fully hydrated.”

Sherrie is a trained accountant and has an MBA. She regularly serves as treasurer of the organizations she volunteers for.

Sherrie is a gold level Master Gardener and designs and tends to her own garden and landscaping as well as various gardens around the county. She has a passion for creativity and music. She gives her time and money to all the major music programs in the county, not only for her enjoyment of the programs but also so the younger generation has the opportunity to be enriched.

Sara told us Sherrie’s “love for God is evident in the way she lives her life. She has dedicated her life to her children and she fiercely loves them. Not only does she love people, but she also has a heart for animals. She is known to take in stray cats and nurse them back to health and care for aging, beloved dogs and horses!”

Sherrie has been married to Aaron Zou for 30 years. Aaron grew up in Beijing, China. The Zou’s made their way to the United States and Elkhart County about 27 years ago. Today, they have a home in Bristol. Sara finished talking about her mother by telling us this: “Though not a native to Elkhart County, she has poured her heart into this place. Elkhart would not be the same without her!”