Sonya Whiteman

Sonya Whiteman

Sonya Whiteman • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Here is another Vibrant Person: Sonya Whiteman!!!


Sonya Whiteman left Elkhart for a while when she was younger. She came home one Christmas with a trunkful of presents and no plans to stay. She is still here. Sonya says it was meant to be and she is deeply committed to this area.

Sonya and her friend, Charity Johnson run the Christian Hub on Main Street in downtown Elkhart. They believed there was a need for such a shop and felt a calling to be the ones to open it. They sell books and accessories and gifts. They have also made the store a welcoming place where people can relax and refresh their body, mind, and soul. Think of Christian Hub as a peaceful oasis of comfort and friendship.

Sonya told us that a while back, she thought downtown Elkhart was getting pretty run down. Today, she says, there is a noticeable change for the better. She is doing her part to bring people to Main Street.

The shop runs a “round up” program where customers are encouraged to leave their change behind and, through the store, donate it to a local charity. Christian Hub is also starting to help local churches with fundraising projects.

Sonya wants no one who would like to have a Bible to go without. She keeps a stockpile of lovingly used Bibles that have been donated. She gives them to those cannot afford a new edition. Christian Hub has given out over 250 copies of the Good Book over the past two years.

Friends of Sonya tells us “kind, loving and willing to help those in need.” She is a woman with strong faith and a kind spirit. She is also a Vibrant Person.