Staci Anagnos

Staci Anagnos

Staci Anagnos • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Staci Anagnos has a big heart. No need to be alarmed, it is not a medical condition. It is how she is described by those who know her. They also will tell you Staci is a go-getter, an amazing dancer, an advocate, a tennis player, a volunteer and a host of other things. She is all that and a loving wife to Tony and a cat mother to Sassy.

Staci is one of those people who, when asked to get involved, jumps right in. She is one of the first to ask, “How can I help?” when she sees something needs to be done. Her involvement makes a good thing better and the seemingly impossible take just a little longer. Her friend Marcia Eppers says, “Staci shines from the inside out.”

The organizations Staci is part of includes the Beta Chi Chapter of the Beta Gamma sorority. That group raises money for several charities. She has supported the Samaritan Center as part of the local “Dancing with the Stars.” She is also active with the Thursday Club, “a bunch of great ladies.”

Staci is very much involved with Bashor Home. It is near and dear to her. “Not having kids of my own, I have the opportunity to truly help them,” she says. “Those kids didn’t pick their situation and it’s the perfect opportunity to advocate for them.”

Staci and Tony started 523 Tap in downtown Elkhart. They recently sold the business to Tony’s brother, but remain very committed to seeing Main Street thrive.

Staci is a believer. She believes in being a good friend. She believes in helping others. She believes in being active and involved. She also believes in Elkhart, the place she was born and raised. And, guess what? We believe in Staci.