Stephanie Krol

Stephanie Krol

Stephanie Krol • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Stephanie Krol!!!


If she’s in, she’s all in. If she believes it is worth talking about, she will spread the word. She knows people and she knows people who know people. She is Stephanie Krol, an ace at public relations, wife, mom and a cheerleader for all that is good about Elkhart County.

Stephanie will happily tell you about a project, a program or a person you should know about. That’s her job and she loves what she does. What she doesn’t like to do is talk about herself. Don’t worry, though. If you are patient you will learn what makes this Vibrant Person tick.

Stephanie was raised in Cleveland and came to Elkhart by way of Chicago. Her husband, Mark found work in the RV industry and here they are. No worries. Stephanie is “a Midwest girl through and through.” Although a fair amount of her work is in Chicagoland, Elkhart County is home. “It’s really a wonderful place,” she tells us.

Stephanie is especially fond of her neighborhood in Bristol. “The people are great,” she tells us. The neighbors feel the same about her. Yvonne Randel, who lives nearby tells us, Stephanie has “endeared herself to the community.” (Yvonne also likes the fact that she and Stephanie share an affinity for Cleveland’s sports teams.)

The Krol family home is on the Upper St. Joe River. They get on the water every chance they get. Kayaks are the latest toys and Stephanie says, “They give you a whole different perspective” of the river.

The Krol’s also enjoys family time, the beach, Disneyland and “Toy Story.” When we talked with Stephanie, she had a “Toy Story 4” button on her raincoat.

We should be quick to point out that Stephanie and Mark have a couple of terrific children. Grace is two years old and big brother, Max is five.

We would also be remiss if we said the two kids have a very vibrant mother.