Steve and Monique Peacock

Steve and Monique Peacock

Steve and Monique Peacock • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Steve and Monique Peacock are today’s Vibrant people.

Clean water for drinking, bathing and taking care of crops is essential for a community to have to healthy lives. In some parts of the world, water like that is a rare and precious commodity. Elkhart’s Steve and Monique Peacock understand that in a profound way. They have seen first hand how having clean water can change a community.

Steve and Monique are part of an organization called SonSet Solutions. It is a ministry that is based in Elkhart. SonSet uses technology to improve the health and happiness of people around the world and to share their faith. In addition to the water projects, SonSet has helped open over 100 Christian radio stations all over the planet.

Steve’s background as a mechanical technician in the oil industry has provided him with the skills to supervise SonSet’s machine shop and oversee the water monitoring projects. Monique’s financial training makes her well suited for the Accounting Department. It is their deep faith that has guided them to Elkhart, SonSet Solutions and the work they do.

Steve and Monique were both born on the south side, not of Elkhart but in the southern half of the planet. They are originally from New Zealand. They are really nice people and are terrific neighbors. Lauren Ferris who lives just a few houses away says the Peacock’s are warm and welcoming. “They are the kind of people you enjoy having around,” she says.

Steve and Monique have two sons. Both attend Concord high school. Josh is a Senior and he is sorting out what he will do next. Tyler is a freshman.

The people at SonSet have a love for technology and a distinct ability to harness it in ways to help spread their message. It is a distinctly different concept. Having folks like Steve and Monique as part of the organization keep it running strong. Having them around Elkhart County and their neighborhood makes it a nicer place to live.