Steve Freeto

Steve Freeto

Steve Freeto • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Steve Freeto is today’s Vibrant Person!

“My wish for Goshen is for everyone to have a smile on their face every day.” That’s what Steve Freeto tells us. He quickly adds, “I think we are 80% of the way there.” Putting smiles on faces is one of Steve’s special talents and something he enjoys tremendously. When nominating Steve, his friend Charlie Burkley said about him, “He’s quirky and funny and kind.”

Steve is a founder of GoProv, a Goshen-based improvisational comedy group. “It is probably the most rewarding thing I do,” he says. Since its start 11 years ago, the GoProv troupe has become quite popular in the area. They are a regular part of Goshen’s First Fridays. Steve has been a constant member of the group since its start.

Steve is also a constant participant in another group, The Thursday Dam Run Beer Club. Each week the group takes off from nearby the Goshen Brewing Company and runs to the dam and back. “It’s a way of building community,” Steve says. “We see lots of smiles on people’s faces as we go by.”

The weekly run is not a race and everyone is invited to join. “We have a policy,” Steve says. “Everyone starts together and no one ends alone.”

Steve appreciates Goshen’s lively entertainment scene. He is actively involved and very supportive. He’s not all fun and games though. He is helping to develop a strong culture in the community, one that embraces love, tolerance, and acceptance.”