Sun You

Sun You

Sun You • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Young Person is Sun You!!!


Sun You is a very spry 76-year old who works at Elkhart General Hospital. Sun tells us, “I moved to Elkhart for better job opportunities.” Sun is still at it because he really enjoys where he works and what he does. The people at EGH are happy to have him.

In nominating Sun, Steve Spurrier tells us that he has an incredible work ethic and he is always reliable. Co-workers say he is a “phenomenal teammate.” They are quick to add that he has a billion dollar smile.

For relaxation, Sun enjoys an occasional trip to the local casino. He also enjoys socializing with his friends.

Having Vibrant People like Sun You makes Elkhart County a more dynamic and interesting place. He came because of the chance to have a better job and he found a great place to live and work.