Tara Morris

Tara Morris

Tara Morris • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Tara Morris is today’s Vibrant person!

Tara Morris does not give up. Tara is the Executive Director of the county’s Minority Health Coalition. It is an organization that helps ensure quality healthcare is available to all Elkhart County residents.

MHC provides education, outreach and awareness programs. Tara says that the organization is at its best when it needs to pull different facets of the community to address an issue. When Tara believes in something, she will keep moving forward. She is invested in our community and is a valuable resource for the people of Elkhart County.

Tara was born in Mississippi and she has a real appreciation for southern culture. When she was young, her family moved up north to Chicago. It was there Tara did most of her schooling and got her early work experience. She came to Elkhart over 30 years ago.
At no time does Tara’s southern roots become more evident than when she is in the kitchen. She loves the flavors of southern cooking. “It’ll just melt in your mouth,” she says. Although she will modestly claim her turkey and dressing and Southern-style greens are very good, what Tara really likes is when she gets to be creative. One of her great pleasures, she says is “When I come up with something and get to tell the kids to ‘Come on over.’”

We have to believe that if Tara is as determined to make great meals as she is to provide everyone healthcare they need, there is some seriously good eating going on at her house.