Terry Kercher

Terry Kercher

Terry Kercher • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Terry Kercher is Thursday’s Vibrant Person!!!


He’s another one who asks, “How did this happen?” He’s the kind who says, “I prefer to talk about others.” Like many of our Vibrant People, Terry Kercher is not one to go one about himself. He is the kind of person you would like to have as a neighbor. Friends say, “Terry is known to everyone in Goshen. His love for his family, his employees and his community is second to none.” One even described him as a “Goshen Legend” because he cares so much. That’s the kind of guy he is.

Twenty years ago, Terry and his wife, Wendy started their printing company. Today it is a go-to outfit for commercial printing.

Terry was born in Elkhart County. He was raised here, lives here and works here. Terry and Wendy have two children. They have been raised here as well. Grant is 22 and graduated from Holy Cross College. Katie is 19 and is attending Holy Cross.

Terry knows what he does well and is smart enough to stay in his lane. That is especially true once a week when he bowls. He claims he peaked a while ago, but that isn’t stopping him. (Nor should it.)

Terry tells us he is a big.. no make that… huge.. no bigger still … a gi-hugeous Cubs fan. You can count Terry to have an even bigger smile and cheerier mood when he gets to fly the W.

Communities like ours need people like Terry. The ones who are enthusiastic, fun to know and happy to be here. We like having him around.