The Barkby Family

The Barkby Family

The Barkby Family • Vibrant People of Elkhart County


Today’s write up is a little different. We are not highlighting an individual. Rather, we are recognizing an important part of the fabric of Elkhart County, the family. Specifically, we are putting the Vibrant People of Elkhart County’s spotlight on the Barkby family of Middlebury.

Since we began this project, we have said we want to give a daily shout out to those who are enthusiastic, energetic and the kinds of people others would enjoy knowing. You would be happy to have Dennis and Jessica Barkby and their three way-cool kids as your friends and neighbors.

Dennis and Jessica both work in Middlebury. Dennis is a Buyer for Lozier Corporation and Jessica teaches fourth grade. They have two daughters, Alexa and Myla and a son, Brady.

Alexa, age 11 is into crafts. She likes doing things like sewing and making pillows.

10-year-old Myla says she is more of an artist. Drawing and painting are her interests. She also likes to organize things.

Brady is 9. He is a rambunctious, playful kid. He likes the Detroit Redwings and the Kansas City Chiefs. He likes hanging around and having fun. Both sisters are quick to point out, however, “He can be so annoying.” He is their younger brother after all.

All three kids are not bashful. They can chat up a storm and giggle and laugh. They are helpful and supportive of each other. They like being with their family and are grateful to their parents for the opportunities they have.

This winter all three kids played hockey. Brady played on a team in the Irish Youth Hockey League’s house league program. The girls played on the Shamrocks, this area’s very first girls only, full-time travel team. They love the game and are ready for more.

Elkhart business owner, Dennis Jordan coached both teams the Barkby kids were on. He says they are the kind of youngsters anyone would be happy to have on their team. About the Barkby’s, Coach Jordan says, “Dennis and Jessica are the kinds of parents every team or group wants to have. They are always supportive, doing all the little things that make every event a success, without fanfare, fuss, or notice. But those who know them recognize the time and efforts spent and appreciate all that they do.”

The Barkby family is like many you will find throughout Elkhart County. They are good people. They are good neighbors. They are good citizens.

The Barkby’s, and all the families of Elkhart County who are similar, are helping make Elkhart County a better place to live, work, learn and play. We wish we could recognize all the Vibrant Families of Elkhart County. There are simply not enough days in the year. However, you can do something about it. If you know a family whose members are upbeat, active and add a little sunshine each day, tell them you noticed. And then, thank them for making Elkhart County home.