Todd Scheets

Todd Scheets

Todd Scheets • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Our Very Vibrant Volunteer today is Todd Scheets!!!


The influence of Dr. Robert Abel on the Wanee communities was profound. He was a giver and he inspired others to be the same. That is why we gladly accommodated Todd Scheets when he asked us to us a picture taken when he was with Dr. Abel.

Todd listened to what Dr. Abel said about being active in the place he lives and took it to heart. Today, Todd’s contributions are recognized and appreciated.

In nominating Todd, Amy Lant-Wenger tells us, “He has the true heart of a volunteer – always giving of himself and asking for no recognition. He is totally invested in the town of Wakarusa, in all ways.” Todd says, “If you think things could be done better, you better step up.”

That’s exactly what Todd has done. The list of organizations he is involved with runs long. In most, he has taken on a leadership role.

For fun, Todd plays and coaches softball and baseball. He also is part of the group that is highlighting old farm equipment and tractors. Be on the lookout for the tractor pull site near Amish Acres.

Todd’s family has been in the Wakarusa area for over 100 years. Todd is doing his part to make Wakarusa a place others will want to be for the next 100 years.