Tom Shoff

Tom Shoff

Tom Shoff • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Tom Shoff!!


Like many who grew up here, Tom Shoff has an affinity for our rivers. He is very much involved in making sure they remain a vital part of our Vibrant Communities.

Tom serves on the St. Joe River Association. During his time on the Elkhart Police force, he helped start the river patrol. He helps the annual Fourth of July Flotilla continues to be a tradition that is fun for participants and spectators alike.

Tom is also making sure another long-standing part of Elkhart County stays alive, The River Queen. The Queen has floated on the upper St. Joe for 70 years. Its excursions have been enjoyed by people of all ages. A few years ago, however, the condition of the River Queen had declined significantly. Its owner was no longer able to keep it afloat, literally and figuratively.

A group of concerned citizens established a Not-For-Profit organization to keep the River Queen going. Tom has been an important part of that effort. They are now entering their fourth season at the helm of the Queen. They have made sure the grand lady is back to being ship shape. The staff and crew of volunteers are ready to get her out on the water.

This Sunday, June 9, Tom and the crew will be revising a two-hour cruise that is open to the public. Boarding starts at 12:45 pm and the River Queen casts off at 2:00. It will return to dock at 4:00.

You can learn more about the historic River Queen at

Tom is the owner of Shoff Security Systems. They specialize in residential and commercial security. Tom says between his business and everything else he has going, seven day work weeks are normal. We think he kinda likes it. He’s been going at this pace for 38 years.

Like the rivers of Elkhart County, Tom Shoff keeps on rolling.