Tricia Blosser

Tricia Blosser


“Dancing feet make for smiling faces.”  Goshen’s Tricia Blosser didn’t say that, but you can be sure she believes it.  Some people are born to dance. Tricia was born to teach dance.  She has been doing it since she was 16 and there is no end in sight. Her students may not become prima ballerinas, but they will certainly have a true appreciation for what happens when a body moves with style and grace.

It is not only in her classes that Tricia shares her love of dance.  Last year she used the funds she got from a Little Big Idea grant and produced a festival of international dance.  She tapped into her network of friends and associates and brought them to Goshen to show their talents.  There were individuals and groups who represented styles of dance from all over the world.  Together they created an experience that showed how dance is universal.  “It was lots of work,” Tricia says, “but I’d like to try it again.”

There is a feeling about helping people express themselves that ignites a spark in Tricia.  This is especially so with young kids. “There is something special about working with children,” she says. “It’s their sense of wonder.  Everything seems new.”  Whether it is through her dance classes or at the Montessori school she started, Tricia has a genuine love and a natural enthusiasm for helping kids learn about and care for the world around them.

Tricia is an unabashed cat person.  It wasn’t always that way.  Ever since she “came across that little ball of fur cowering near the sidewalk” as she was walking home, she’s been converted.  Tricia scooped up that wee thing and brought it home. He was named Andy by Tricia and her husband Jeff. They are now parents to Andy and his brother, Barney and three other cats.

Whether it is dealing with kittens or kiddos, in her home, a classroom or on a dance floor, Tricia does her things with boundless energy and a spirit that can be contagious.