Veronica Borkholder

Veronica Borkholder


Veronica is an enthusiastic and hard-working entrepreneur who recently opened The Dutch Kernel at Coppes Commons in Nappanee.  She has worked diligently the past year to oversee construction and development of this delightful new shop.

Veronica is always looking for ways to make her business and products stand out, to contribute to the community and to work as a team player with other local merchants.  The Dutch Kernel has had great success in its first few months, in no small part because of the always cheerful staff.  And, as her friend Jessica Flores says, “the popcorn is irresistible.”

Veronica has a passion for creating delicious treats.  She has a positive attitude, is business savvy and has a strong work ethic.

Veronica is mom to Isaac, age 11, and they have a dog named Beatrice.  She enjoys gardening in her flower beds when the weather is warmer.