Wanda Hoffman

Wanda Hoffman

Wanda Hoffman • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Today’s Vibrant Person is Wanda Hoffman!!


Wanda Hoffman knows what was in Elkhart County. As she tells it, it was when she was researching her family’s genealogy, she “caught the bug for history.” She took it upon herself to learn about the place she was born, raised, educated and has lived her life.

Wanda volunteers at the Elkhart County Historical Society and the Goshen Historical Society. She helps with caring for the various collections. Wanda is a member of the Elkhart County Genealogical Society and has served as that group’s librarian.

You can also find Wanda leading tours of the county courthouse in Goshen. “I never paid much attention to it,” Wanda says. Now she is on a quest to learn as much as she can about the place.

Wanda was trained as a nurse and had a good run as a healthcare professional. Today, she is a historian in her own right. Her depth of knowledge is impressive and her interest in learning about the history of Elkhart County is inspiring. She is known for her curiosity.

Wanda is easy to talk with. Staff and volunteers at the county historical school say she “is a complete delight to work with. Wanda is extremely dedicated and reliable and we are all very lucky to have her!