Zanzer Anderson

Zanzer Anderson

Zanzer Anderson has a gift.  In fact, she has several. She is an excellent cook, a great story teller and can connect with young and old alike.  She also has an ability to understand today’s complex healthcare industry and can explain things about it in ways that make sense.

“I am an insurance agent who likes to think I do more than that – ‘cuz I do,” she says with a laugh.  She helps people, especially seniors, navigate healthcare choices and get what they need.  And once you are Zanzer’s client, you won’t forget it.  “I warn people,” she says, “if you become my customer, I’m in your life.”  And that’s truth she is speaking.  One of her friends sums it up nicely, “When you talk to Zanzer, it’s like she’s known you forever.”

Customers, friends and family are all glad Zanzer is part of their lives.  She has an easy smile and is quick to laugh.  She is compassionate and willing to lend a hand.  The joy she gets from being around others is plain to see.  She’ll even feed you.

Zanzer takes pleasure in making new dishes for others to try.  “I can’t cook small,” she claims.  “I had three teenagers and they all had friends. They knew how to eat. Now I cook all that stuff and give it away.  It helps me keep my figure.”

Like many of Elkhart County’s vibrant people, Zanzer likes to take on new challenges.  “I’m just starting my acting career,” she states.  Zanzer will be performing in the 2019 version of Michiana Monologues.  “What a great bunch of women,” she says.  “We bring food and talk and share.  It’s like therapy and I don’t have to pay for it.”

In addition to everything else on her plate, Zanzer is a youth group leader at her church.  “I don’t know why they chose me,” She told us.  “I’m the Grandma.”  The kids told they wanted her to be around so they might be able to get away with something when she closes her eyes.  Ain’t gonna happen, kids.  Zanzer has another gift.  She claims she can see with her eyes closed and, as she says, “My hearing is really good.”