Zoe Eichorn

Zoe Eichorn

Zoe Eichorn • Vibrant People of Elkhart County

Friday’s Vibrant Person is Zoe Eichorn!!!


When we tried to track down Zoe Eichorn earlier this week, she was on her way to Kansas City. She was going to attend Menno Con 19, a national conference put on by the Mennonite Church.

A prominent theme of this gathering is diversity. It is something that matters to Zoe. At the conference, the issues related to the subject are being looked at through several lenses and from a variety of vantage points. Knowing Zoe, she will listen carefully, absorb what is happening and, when she thinks the time is right, say what is on her mind. Trust us, she will.

Zoe was elected as the City Youth Advisor, a non-voting position on Goshen’s City Council. There is a picture taken with Mayor Stutsman shortly after he made the formal appointment. In the photo you can see both of them with bright smiles. The mayor has on a nice gray vest and sport coat. Zoe is wearing a t-shirt that has “Chill with that Misogyny” in bold letters across the front. This young woman is not afraid to speak out.

Zoe is going to be a Senior at Goshen High School next fall. She already is thinking about law school. A career in politics would surprise no one.

There are a few other things to take care of first. Being a member of the varsity swim team is one. Making sure her sister, Libby gets a full dose of life as a Freshman at Goshen high is another.

Surely, Zoe’s parents, Darren and Megan are proud of their daughter. They have raised a girl who is smart, confident, maybe a little bit sassy and is fun to be around.

Openness is an important attribute of a Vibrant Community. Knowing we are accepted and appreciated for what makes each of us distinct encourages us to be more committed to where we work, study and live. People like Zoe help us keep that in mind.