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Get your neighbors together for something you’ve all always wanted to do. We have micro-grants of $500 to help you make it happen. We just need you to answer a few basic questions.

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Where should we send the check?

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Your budget does not need to be very detailed! Think about what you would like to do and then just go back to the resources you will need to carry it out. Let’s say you want to have a car wash day with 20 people and would like to request funds to help purchase a few hoses, soap, sponges, and towels. Just look up the recent costs of those items, price it out by how many you’d like to purchase, and then give us a total. Simple as that.

Maybe you’d like to do something a bit more complicated, like organizing a neighborhood welcoming committee for new neighbors. That is a bit trickier to plan for because you don’t know how many new neighbors you will get! We don’t need anything exact, just an estimate! Let’s say you hope to provide welcome baskets to three neighbors who recently moved in. Determine what you would like to be in the baskets, price it out, and submit the estimated costs. As long as you are explaining clearly what you are hoping to accomplish, we can take it from there.

Here are a few example budgets to get you started:

Budget Example 1:
Get to know Each Other (and have fun)
Goal 1: Have a pot luck in July and invite all households within the neighborhood limits
Total amount needed: $375

  • $10 for flyers
  • $40 for paper goods
  • $150 for a sound system
  • $100 to rent tables
  • $15 for charcoal
  • $60 for burgers & hot dogs (main meal item) and stuff

We will expect 35 to 50 people to attend

Budget Example 2:
Make the neighborhood look more inviting (and have fun)
Goal 1: Make a give-and-take tiny library
Total amount needed: $200

  • $80 for wood & hardware
  • $30 for paint
  • $30 for concrete base
  • $30 for some initial books
  • $30 for waterproof sign

This will affect everyone who walks by the corner of 1st & Maple Street, which is a common route to the elementary school and park.

You can download a sample budget layout here.

See our FAQ section for more details

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