Get Engaged. Be Involved. Live Your Best Life.

Be a Vibrant Champion

Vibrant People!

Just about everyone will tell you, it’s the people that make Elkhart County such a special place. We are enthusiastic and energetic folks. We are kind, generous and faithful. We work hard and can be a lot of fun. We like it here.

You now have a chance to show how you love where you live by signing up to be one of Elkhart County’s Vibrant Champions. It is an opportunity to show your belief that Elkhart County is a great place to live, work, learn and play.

Vibrant Champions are committed to three things:

Getting engaged in the community

It could be volunteering your time to a worthy organization, participating in a public service event or, if you are eligible, registering and voting. If you think it’s worthwhile, it probably is.

Doing things that are positive

Supporting local organizations and businesses. Imagine if everyone supported local businesses. Our hidden gems would no longer be hidden, just gems. If you enjoy eating at locally-owned restaurants, you get the idea. If you shop at places that offer things made by people who live here, you’re right on track. If you have gone to concerts, plays or art shows by local artists, you’re our kind of person.

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Catch up on all things Vibrant on our Vibrant People of Elkhart County page.

The Next Chapter

Elkhart County is hosting “Vibrant Vibes”, a series of public events in March, and you are invited to share your ideas about how we can make Elkhart County an even more vibrant place in the future.

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